Improving Educational Outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unforeseen challenges for countries around the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Large-scale, national efforts to utilize technology in support of remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic have emerged and are evolving quickly. Donor agencies have been actively working with Ministries of Education in the MENA region to provide support to maximize countries’ effectiveness in the design and execution of remote learning strategies.

Education 4.0 is a private sector-led initiative to streamline and accelerate current and existing education initiatives by convening the three largest actors that impact education – education technology companies, ministries of education and international donor agencies and creating a growth flywheel to accelerate the Edtech ecosystem and its impact on learning outcomes.

Education 4.0 Objectives

  • Provide an open and collaborative platform for engagement and meaningful dialogue between key stakeholders including international EdTech companies, regional and local digital players, governments seeking solutions and donors supporting innovation.
  • Inform governments and local edtech players about the tech trends and new opportunities.
  • Understanding the MENA governments’ priorities for EdTech and identify challenges to execution.
  • Identify and share promising EdTech pilots in and with the MENA region.
  • Foster collaborations between international and regional MENA companies to undertake joint ventures aimed at enhancing the capacity of local private sector EdTech players.
  • Support the use of private sector capacity in the public sector – i.e help in a neutral way, the contracting, rollout and servicing of Edtech in the public system.
  • Build a bridgehead for further ongoing cooperation between the private sector and public sector EdTech across MENA.

Education 4.0’s AAAA’s

Education 4.0 Membership benefits

At the beginning of June 2021 we launched the Education 4.0 community with 28 selected case studies in 6 page narrative form covering the themes of “Future of Learning”, “Future of Work” and the “Future of MENA Edtech”. We immersed 350 top tier delegates from
ministries of education and enterprise, international donor agencies, startups, NGOs and international corporates in an asynchronous conversation via dedicated workspaces on Mindstone and then in a synchronous conversation over three successive days.

Education 4.0 is a membership organization committed to driving the growth flywheel to improve educational outcomes. Ministries, non-for profits can become members for free and private sector companies fees are based on financial capacity of the Member organization.
Note all the tiers receive the same membership benefits regardless of their ability to pay.

Tier Annual fees ARR
Tier 1 50K USD >100M+
Tier 2 10K USD 10M-100M+
Tier 3 1K USD 0-10M+

Education 4.0 Membership benefits

  Corporate Public / NGO Donors
1.0 Access to the Education 4.0 community system which tracks investments, donations, loans, projects, pilots, interventions and deals across the MENA Edtech ecosystem.
2.0 Ability to create and maintain an organizational profile on the Education 4.0 community system. This will articulate and share a Member’s organizational goals, projects, partnerships and opportunities and improve the social graph and alignment of the community.
3.0 5 delegates places at all virtual events where insights are shared as best practice from inside the community and externally.
4.0 Access to shared content libraries which cover all the deep dive narratives inside the community. These are living documents which showcase the breadth and depth of interventions and programs inside the MENA region.
5.0 Opportunity to showcase new interventions, technology or approaches as part of themed tracks at virtual events or in the shared content libraries.
6.0 Receive curated details of donor-funded programs in order to target programs and find the right partners. Technical support can be provided on a project by project basis in line with local procurement and should not be considered a direct membership benefit. Support with designing programs to target specific areas using the knowledge and insight of the Community.
7.0 Ability to use Education 4.0 community assets and insights within their organization and publications.
8.0 Ability to access upcoming virtual “unboxing” for approved projects. These events will be open for Members and they will be pre-matched so that Members are alerted about potential partnerships and opportunities. Members will be able to share specific case studies and aligned evidence from the “shared content libraries” with the project team at the unboxing event and in follow up opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about our activities and membership benefits (see attachment) then please contact